Our Vision

Our goal at BC Oilfield Consultants International is to provide a high quality engineering support and wellsite supervision for development and exploration of oil and gas projects worldwide. We want our clients to be satisfied with our and lean back to say that they made the right choice. We take pride in our work; to us it is more than a paycheck. We are not a man power or "head hunting" company that filters resumes on the internet and then supplies personnel. We are not a service company that relies solely on name, supplying young engineers and supervisors. Our team relies on years of field experience to provide the client with a vast wealth of knowledge. We offer a team of Drilling engineers, Drilling Supervisors and Superintendents, all with more than 15 years experience in international assignments. BC Oilfield Consultants will work with you, making our goals the same. Working together we will make your project "Best in Class".

We are pleased to provide the following expertise:

1. Drilling and completion engineers

2. Drilling supervisors

3. Drilling Superintendents