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Initially, the company made a strong impact in the market by supplying ALUMINIUM DROSS the Critical Raw Material for Welding Electrodes.........

Welcome to MEHNAAZ

MEHNAAZ METALS AND MINERALS is a conglomerate of various companies with a common mission to provide critical raw materials for special and Hard-facing Welding Electrodes, Fluxes, Foundries, Steel Plants, Engineering and Chemical Industries.

The company was established in 2010 by Mr. AZMATH HUSSAIN ANSARI who with his rich knowledge and experience in the industry, set the company on the path of trailblazing growth the company further expanded and boosted the trading and manufacturing activities, and has today achieved a prime position of respect and confidence in the industry.

Amongst the Electrodes critical raw materials, ALUMINIUM DROSS, has from the beginning maintained a dominating position in the group's business program while other raw materials such as Ferro Alloys, Metals&scrap, Minerals & Chemicals have been successfully added to group product range, which cater to welding electrodes industry. The raw materials are available in powder form, to the exact chemical and physical (Mesh Size) specifications of the welding electrodes industry.