1. Security Guards


    Guards are needed for organized and coherent activities that are primary for any sort of business. They take care of the security concerns and perform tasks that make way for smooth and productive business. The guards trained by safety wings are best in business, helping your business.

  2. Crowd Control People

    Security solutions

    When there is a large crowd gathering, the people need to be channelized and controlled. A proper planning and execution of security tasks and crowd control measures will help business to happen in a desired way.

    Safety wings having enormous experience in the area, provides crowd control people with excellent skills and unmatchable performances.

  3. Shopping Malls

    Business services

    Shopping malls need security right from parking lot to billing. Our guards are very well trained to carry out security routines like checking the vehicles before parking, operating metal detectors equipment etc. they leave no scope for people to get the unwanted materials into the premises.

    The guards also take care of loss prevention. The whole security team is alert and customer friendly. They on a regular basis conduct various drills for example fire drill to challenge any crisis situation.

  4. Housing Estates

    Security consultants

    Our guards are the best in business to secure housing estates. They secure each and every corner of the lands and houses they guard. The use of modern equipment and insightful procedures ensures pleasant and secured estates.

About Us

Safety Wings is a comprehensive security agency enabling businesses to flourish by taking extensive care in the relevant bases. Our unique and insightful ways in strategizing the approach to the various businesses make us the most sought out and par-excellence agency in the field of security for the region of Andhra Pradesh. Our presence is undeniably the major element for growth and upkeep of the companies associated with us.

Safety wings is a pioneer in providing training and the man force to variety of businesses

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