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Shreekha Infra Solutions (SISCON) was established in 2009 with a single aim to help the common man construct his house with less cost and best quality. We have succeeded this by giving the clients our innovative products. We are proud that we are the first Plastic Formworks manufacturer in India. SISCON introduced a variety of systems which make construction easier while reducing costs and ensuring high quality. Now, Plastic Formworks are replacing the conventional wood and aluminum forms used for molding concrete walls, pillars and slabs. Wood presented a number of shortcomings, including the environmental impact of deforestation and high costs due to its inability to reuse them more than a handful of times. Aluminum forms, while reusable, are very expensive. SISCON came up with a solution -Plastic formworks that could be reused multiple times to avoid timber cutting and reduce capital costs while offering many other advantages.

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